Sunday, October 4, 2015


Party Crush / ˈpärdēkrəSH/ noun. 

A friendship/hookup that is reliant on alcohol and atmosphere. When reconnecting after the event, one easily sees the connection wouldn't exist outside that context. 

synonym:  beer goggles

Friday, August 21, 2015

Incite Excitement

Yes. I still have the newspaper delivered. Well, I have colleagues who need the work. Each morning I pour my coffee - I give my ass a good scratch - and I sit and read the newspaper cover to cover. Never more than now, the news is slanted to incite and excite.
FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. The news wasn't free. It cost a great deal. Reporters were accosted by journalists who skewed the story from a report to a response.  The news was purchased by those wanting to manipulate and palpitate.

This morning I realized that FREEDOM OF THE PRESS asks me to surrender my intellectual, political, and societal freedom as it presses me into a politically correct prison. I will not go willingly.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sound Judgments

The purpose of wisdom is to formulate decisions supported with sound judgment. It is not a sin to judge.  It is a sin to render a verdict or to inflict a punishment.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Politics From Dummies

Donald Trump is the Tea Party's Edgar Bergen. Watch his words spew from GOP candidates' mouths. It's a common strategy. You get someone outrageous like Trump to put outlandish concepts into words and throw them into the common air society breathes. And then you have someone walk behind and dilute all the concepts by half - and the shock factor is gone; people think the concepts are more reasonable. Camille Paglia practically invented the practice.  Trump pushed his hand through

Marco Rubio:

Marco Rubio Rejects Birthright Citizenship Repeal

Ted Cruz:

Ted Cruz: Ending Birthright Citizenship a "View I Have Long Held"

Scott Walker:

Scott Walker immigration flip shows how Trump is reshaping 2016 race

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pulled Ahead

Yesterday I sat across from the most influential man I’ve ever met. He held the opportunity to change the course of my life. I was acutely aware of his potentials. I knew the weight of this audience. I was equally aware of the synchronicity. I’m 53 years old. I don’t have many crossroads left. Finally after volleyed questions and replies – we had moved to reciprocated affection. He looked in my eyes and asked me the question and I had the reply. As a small explanation – in theatre there’s a term: pull focus. It means a supporting actor takes the audience’s attention from the leading actor. So. Yesterday he asked me a question I’ve been asked countless times and I’ve never had a “complete, entire, no omissions” reply. Until yesterday. He asked me, “Tell me about your relationships. Why haven’t you ever married?” And the answer came to me, “I’ve never met a woman who could pull focus from God.” That’s why I’ve never married. That’s my complete, entire, no omissions reply. I have never met a human or encountered an item or contemplated a concept that could pull my focus from God. And now you understand Mark R. Trost.

Inside Out

I’ll explain it.  I’ll put it into words.  When you’re bullied – you learn to live inside your head.  You can’t express your emotions.  Well, because the emotions you feel are the two most difficult emotions to describe: hurt and shame.  You feel hurt because you can’t fathom the degree of the hate the bully feels towards you.  It’s so out of proportion so it’s so outside your reasoning.  And you feel shame because the aspect of your character the bully exploits is your most vulnerable trait; you feel ashamed of that trait.  You live in your head because you don’t know the descriptive words; you’ve never heard them.   You have no one to return your cries.  You feel ostracized – outside.   And because you have no echo – you can’t share your sorrow or your shame. Soon you become consumed with calculating actions and reactions.  Yet emotions are called feelings for a reason.  You feel your emotions.  Feelings don’t require words.  Feelings are internal.  Feelings are safed inside your scarred skin.  So you live in your head.   

Art is describing the skins and the scars and the shamed and the shared.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Process

"So tell me about your creative process." I was unprepared for her sentence. I've never viewed myself as more than just a writer. But when she said those words today I took a sip of my drink and thought about it. If you question people about art - rarely do they include writing as artistic expression. Well there's a notion that anyone can do it. And most writers secretly (and mistakenly) feel they do it well. But there is a creative process to writing. It's a mixture of fear of emotional exposure and terror that the well of words will run dry. And there's an excitement that rivals sex as a writer's emotions ejaculate onto a page. So. Do I have a creative process? Yes. Indeed I do. And today I'll own it. I am an artist. From this day forth I'll own my words with a new pride. I'll no longer answer, "so what do you do?" with the words, "Oh I'm a writer." I am an artist. My words are my art.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Killed That Mockingbird

So To Kill A Mockingbird was "stitched together from some of the childhood scenes lifted out of Go Set a Watchman." So Go Set A Watchman is an early draft of To Kill A Mockingbird. Yeah, I'm not interested. 

I think it's dubious at best to release an early draft of arguably the greatest novel in the English language as an independent novel. And to release it when the mental capacity of the author is in question. Yeah, no. This entire situation makes me feel fraught. I wonder who the next author is that the dying publishing industry can whore into a cash cow. Maybe Margaret Mitchell has an early draft of Gone With The Wind where Scarlett is a Yankee ...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

In The Midst

A mid-life crisis isn't when you realize you're mortal. It's when you realize you're cocooned in can't.