Monday, August 25, 2008

A Small Confession

I kneel down and speak to the one in my chair
about the man I am not.
I speak of why I am naught.
My soul is in a knot.
But I am not in despair.

We are a pair.
He is.
I am not.
Yet two by two we seek foresight.
And using the fore sight,
I see Grace is in sight.
I seek insight.
I recite that I've incited.

I must reconcile the man with my missed.
I must fill my hole with the Holy.
I am wholly human.
I am holy flawed.
I seek to salve my conscience.
Confession is the action of salving the sin.
It’s an act of salvation.

I confess I am not good enough to seek absolution.
I seek contrition.
"I’m sorry that I don’t feel absolute sorrow."
Yet I kneel and seek the solution through absolution.

I seek.
I knock myself down.
I’m open to finding the door.
I try to adore.
I’m trying.