Friday, August 29, 2008

Battle States: A Day Of Reckoning

Did you ever stop and think that Armageddon is a time and not necessarily a place?

Armageddon is when a man discovers that his wife is cheating on him with his friend and he must choose between his pride and a vow to a God he believes in but hasn’t seen.

Armageddon is when a man watches soldiers return his son in a box with a flag draped over the wood and he stops trying to catch his breath and tries to remind himself that his boy died for a freedom that allows others to protest and scream that his son was a fool.

Armageddon is when a woman takes her cheek off her dearly departed’s cheek and wipes her tears from his face as her words of goodbye still permeate in the air she’s shared with him for 60 years. She doesn’t know how to drive. She doesn’t know how to use a debit card. She doesn’t know the costs of insurance. But she knows the cost of his death. And she knows her world is dead.

Armageddon is when a man plants his feet and makes a fist to defend a belief against proven odds. He suffers those deaths each time he’s thrown off balance and is resurrected each time he renews his vows to his God.