Friday, August 29, 2008

De Baiting

I don’t argue with people anymore. I used to. I felt it was cowardly to walk away. I worried that enlightenment obligated me to offer instruction and correction. I really saw it as a moral dilemma. Do I stay and defend my sense of right and wrong or do I fold and walk away? I wrestled with it.

And then one day I realized that it was a greater sin to assume a parallel intellectual level or a similar belief system than it was to allow the ambiguity of the situation to exist. I factored in the whole "pearls to swine" and "buckets of water to a desert" things - and realized that offering an instruction that could not be understood was crueler than allowing an ignorance to remain in a psyche. And I reflected and I realized that I just liked to win and I’d often used the truth as a weapon to attain victory. So, now I don’t debate. I defend The Church. But I don’t argue.

And as for relationship bickering? That’s just two people who don’t listen.