Friday, August 29, 2008

Two Golden Remembrances

Yesterday I remembered:

When I was a boy, my family often traveled to visit my grandparents. All 6 of us climbed into a Chevy and my Father would drive the highways through the small towns of the Midwest. And there used to be Stuckey’s Pecan Shoppes. Stuckey’s was a rest stop / souvenir shop that sold ice cream and gasoline and these marvelous pecan rolls. And miles and miles ahead of each store - their signs would announce the candy bars. They were phenomenal. My parents would purchase one for each child. I have memories and remembrances of miles and miles of playing silly games as we rolled with giggles and chewed our candy. They were my favorite candy bar and the memories of these trips are among my sweetest recollections.

My Mother had a board that she listed all four of our names (Carol, Debora, Michael, and mine) on and we received a gold star if we were especially kind or particularly helpful. My Parents didn’t believe in allowances. They felt the obligation to provide the monies we needed and the generosity to provide the presents we wanted. And they didn’t pay us for doing tasks. They said that we were equal members of the family and that meant we had to participate in the maintenance of our home. I had forgotten that board until yesterday. It was so important to me then and I had forgotten it. And now it’s so important to me for so many other reasons.