Monday, September 1, 2008

And Destruction Will Follow Them

I live in Saint Paul. Saint Paul is hosting the Republican National Convention. Okay. Well the protesters are looting and destroying property in the name of what? How does destroying bus stop benches make a political point? So tomorrow when an elderly human being who can’t afford a car or car insurance or can’t negotiate driving anymore - wants to sit and wait for public transportation, he or she won’t be able to. How is that the right thing ever?

People who want to make a difference make sacrifices. They give of themselves. They study the issues. They see the needs. They make decisions. They open their fists and their minds and they pick up a book and a pen. They graduate and earn a collar or a stethoscope or a gavel. And they take a vow to aid their fellow men. Or they volunteer their time or their talent or their treasures for the benefit of others.

No human being on this earth can justify destroying other people’s things in the name of goodness. That’s not protesting. That’s jealousy and coveting and stealing and killing. And no God would sanction such destruction in His name.

Don’t tell me there’s a missing link. Those hooded links are downtown busting benches that the homeless sleep on.