Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Not Going To Rave

As our country fractures into factions, I’ve considered why so many citizens are screaming at each other. And as a man with a diverse group of friends, I often sit and hear the debates that quickly dissolve into debases. And I know why.

As we age, we grow increasingly assured yet face tremendously accumulating adversity. And we're afraid. We're all afraid of something: age, being alone, health issues, death, losing our parents, our child's future. Some people embrace faith. Some people choose addictions. Some people withdraw from society. Each option is a scream. Some are silent; some are shrill.

Ravers are just the people who voice their fears with verbal violence. They scream hoping for an echo - and when they realize they're only hearing their own voices - they scream louder hoping for greater geographical distance. And it’s not just the conservatives, the pacifists seek a pacifier to soothe themselves to sleep.

Each side is in terror and since they seek concurrence, they terrorize hoping to squelch or to convince. So instead of accepting that their apprehensions may lack proportion, they seek succor in the fallacy of their opponents ignorance. And they seek superiority using sociolism and sarcasm.

If each side would step back and take a deep breath, they’d hear their antagonist's heartbeat and hear that he's shallow-breathed too. But they won’t. They’ll just stomp on the enemy's heart in an attempt to get his attention. They’re putting their foot down. Unfortunately, it’s on all of society's lungs.