Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Picture This: My Snap Judgment

I'm on Facebook and I almost never use it. And I'm on TBD - and I do use it. I'm on Twitter and I've yet to use it. And I'm on MySpace and I refuse to use it. But I've noticed the similarities. They all offer an opportunity to post pictures. Oh wait, maybe Twitter doesn't have pictures. I don't know. I said I haven't used it yet.

I don't have pictures. I'm from the generation when we all just lined up for the event and someone took the picture and maybe he'd send copies and maybe he wouldn't. I'm sure my face is plastered in photo albums across the globe, but I don't have them anymore. And when I'm terribly famous - we'll all get to see them.

Well okay - I do have a few pictures, but I'm not in them because I took them. I have a digital camera. I have a camera on my smartphone. I have a webcam. (That's how I took this picture.) And I use them occasionally. What I lack - action shots. I don't have pictures of me conjugating a verb. I was too busy conjugating to stop the action for a snap.

Now this might be a snap judgment on my behalf - but I don't think I'll embrace this whole - visual replaces verbal - trend. I'll let my words speak for themselves instead of photographing all the times I've engaged in any unmentionables.