Sunday, September 28, 2008

Polls & Poles - Bipolar

Here are my final thoughts on politics:

Politics is idealistic. Policies are realistic. And politicians are paternalistic so that you’ll patronize their patriotism.

Ideals aren’t real. They’re surreal. Ideals are amongst and not among. Ideals are evaporated wishes. Ideals stir above the water.

Yet we’re flooded with problems. We need to wade through. The tide is too tumultuous to float. Ideally we’d like a boat. Ideally we’d like dry land. But realistically we’re sinking and dreams don’t stop the drenched. Politicians take straw polls. Jesus, we’re drowning! All the straws in all the world won’t suck the deluge of disparity and displacement and discord.

Politicians deal with what could be. Their strength could be in their must. But to get elected they have to offer the might. And feign themselves as the mighty.

We’ll never agree and be an united United States until we see what is. Not what could be. Not what should be. But the is that is in our existence.

Here’s what is:

Our common ground is spiritual.

We each have a heart.
We each have a soul.
We each have a thirst.
We each have a choice.

We must see that each man gets His due. We must due onto others. And I’m worried we’re so undone that it can’t be done.