Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Civilization Hangs In The Balance
I read with great sorrow this morning of the effigy of Sarah Palin that hangs from Chad Morrisette’s roof in California. I’m a democrat. I can’t comprehend it. Regardless of political ideology, this is inappropriate at best and outrageously vile at worst. This isn't freedom of speech. I don’t understand a community who would permit this. I don’t understand any ideology that would sanction it. I don’t understand a world that would justify it.

I don’t understand a woman who wouldn't feel threatened by it. Do you understand that by allowing this - you’re allowing a hierarchy to exist? Any human being who supports it - even as an expression of free speech - is advocating a hierarchy that negates the assertion that all human beings are created equal. You’re saying that the abuse and the denigration of women is permissible in a political context. You’re placing femininity on the lowest rung of society. Like her/hate her - Palin had the freedom of choice. She just made different choices. Morrisette claims that he created this effigy because he’s afraid of the republican ticket. Well, now he’s spread his fear. Palin’s children are afraid. Palin’s daughters have been taught they aren't allowed to make a choice. The consequences are literally hanging around for any woman to see.

Does anyone else see it? Hey this isn't politics. Don't tell me politics. Politics is polarization. Please don’t be limited. We’re human beings. This is about human beings. Don’t tell me the rote. This is about humanity. Has our nation become so polarized that we now permit the pulverization of other people? Jesus, isn't anyone afraid?

God forgive us for what we've done. God forgive us for what we've failed to do. And God forgive us for what we've allowed.