Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stone Under Foot - Foundation

Throughout the evolutions of this blog, my purpose and my intent became a bit muddied. Yesterday as I stood in the middle of the Vatican Splendors exhibit at the Minnesota Historical Society History Center, I looked at the small stone that marked the grave of Saint Peter.

I looked at that stone yesterday and tears welled into my eyes. I am a Roman Catholic. I believe each and every precept of The Holy Mother Church. I believe in Roman Catholicism completely, entirely, and without omission.

Yesterday when I stood before the stone - I realized that everything I believed was true. The stone put flesh on my faith. Yet my faith doesn't rock between rules or vacillate to salve or absolve or to justify my sins. My faith is as sturdy as that stone.

This morning I knelt at Mass and saw the fruition of The Faith. I saw the lineage. I’m proud to be a Roman Catholic. I’m proud of Her traditions and Her precepts and Her dogma. I love the appurtenances of the Faith. I love my Rosary, my statues, and my scapular. I love the litanies and the Liturgy. I love making an act of Contrition and having the faith of absolution.

I often hear wearisome words about priests and nuns who set bad examples or are accused of indecency. Yet I never feel ashamed of The Church. We've had bad presidents yet I still believe in democracy. And if that doesn't resonate with you - I simply cannot bucket water to satiate the aridity. I only have two hands and they’re occupied with serving my Faith.

I see the evolution of my blog. I don’t know how to continue it without repetition. I have revealed my enlightenment completely, entirely, and without intentional omission. I may add to it later. I may never visit it again. I don’t know.

For those who've read my words from the moment they left my fingers, thank you for the encouragement and the support.

May God keep us all. Amen.