Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Vision Of Long Division

How can 1 in 7 voters remain undecided so late in the game?

Because they’re afraid. Because they know McCain is too old and Palin is too inexperienced and Obama is too leftist and he leaves too many questions unanswered. Because they know it’s broken and they don’t know how to fix it. Because they stand on the fence with Hell on one side and hopelessness on the other. And they feel if they don’t move they can withstand the wind of uncertainty. And as each accusation whips by in gusts of rhetoric and hate they think, “I’ll stand here and try to withstand.” But they can’t withstand because they feel they have no one to stand with. They feel alone. And so instead of pulling a lever and passing the poll - they pocket their palms and open their ears in the hopes of hearing an echo.

They don’t know where to place the toe. And they can’t toe the line because too many lines have been drawn. And now America is losing ground. Everyone has taken a side. And they’re standing aside and they’re beside themselves with apprehension.

And if they vote in November - they’ll pull themselves together and close their eyes and pull a lever in a polling place where they feel everyone is polar opposites. And they’ll hope to God He’ll show them some kind of hope to hold onto as an anchor to endure.

Did it ever occur to anyone that there wasn’t supposed to be sides in America? We were the United States. How could we take a side against our brethren? Now both sides are uncivil. Jesus, we’re having a vocal uncivil war. And each side refuses to see the other’s side. The lack of civility is more predominant now than in the days of Lincoln. Only now neither side will give a cent for his brother’s thought nor offer consent for the right to hold an opposite opinion. And justice and temperance and tolerance are on the descent. America is dying. And the jackals juggle each other’s jugular for the last piece of peace. They are fighting for the soul of a soulless nation.

I’m undecided. Yet I’m not on anyone’s side. Are you? I stand in front of the offended to defend. I’ll stand aside for the righteous. But I’ll only bend my knee and bow my head to God. And I ask Him to stand beside America and guide her, though the night, with His light from above. “One nation under God indivisible.” America isn't under God anymore. We’re under siege. And the undecided are overwhelmed.