Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Little Note For My Dear Friends

Whenever I meet someone new - and they ask me what I do - I reply, “I’m a writer.” And as the conversation progresses I always add, “No, I’m a phenomenal writer. No one writes at my level. You should read me.” And he or she laughs at my bald-ass pride. And then I say, “No. It’s the only thing I do well. I suck at everything else.”

I can’t say that anymore.

I cannot work with my hands. Although I can assess the facts and tell a man how everything adds up, I cannot do math more than a checkbook. I have no knowledge of motors. I suck at golf, baseball, basketball, hell - all sports. I can’t seem to be the kind of man that can maintain a romantic relationship. And after nearly 50 years on earth - and only 8 remaining toes - I’m still trying to get my balance. I can't figure out how to walk a tightrope with two less toes.

So, I pretty much suck at everything else.

Yet I can’t say that anymore.

I have an amazing ability to accumulate and attract the best people. And I’m not slurring the adjective into some exclusive definition of class or affluence. I mean the most ethical, decent, kind, generous, and giving souls. People often tell me, “You’ve got the best friends!” I do.

I’m not claiming it as an accomplishment; I’m acknowledging it as a gift. I’m grateful that God has placed each of you by my side. You remind me each and every day that God knows who I am. And that God knows who you are. And that God cares whether or not we stand alone. You’re my echo.

I love you.

And the funniest part? I actually and sincerely do. As I struggle with the impending loss of limbs - please know that I worry less about how I’ll stand the pain and the sorrow. I don’t need to stand. Your friendship carries me.

When you can look into your friend’s eyes and see God - you know you’re not alone. Thank you for offering your hands and hearts and souls in friendship. Thank you for showing me the face of my God.