Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At My Age I've Learned To Guard My Words

I received a bit of criticism about my Assume The Position post. I took offense when I discovered an acquaintance had been assuming my personality and passing my words and thoughts as his own. For clarity: he did not steal my identity. This is not a financial crime. He just adopted and adapted my witticisms and my wisdoms and presented them as his own. This frequently happens to me. So, I wrote a post.

In chastisement of my post, a man asserted: “There is little original thought in the world...just the same old thinking stated in a slightly different way ......So who did you borrow your words from?”

And I offer this reply:

The day your son left his mother’s cavity - you held him in your arms, kissed his wrinkled brow, and called him by your named. And you claimed him as your own. Yet you did not create creation. Yet you did not form flesh. Yet you did not build breath. Yet you cannot craft children.

But in the lineage of Adam, you named your seed and claimed him as your own. When clearly, your son is not your creation at all. Yet he was formed in your likeness and image in the way that your father and your father’s father was formed in the likeness and image of God.

And you would raise your fist and rise to your feet if a man rose from his chair and claimed your place and mouthed against your son’s mother.

I did not create words. I did not create sentences. I did not create concepts. Yet my writings are the fruit of my labor. They are the seeds of my soul. They are the seedlings of my sorrows. They are the children of the chores of my experiences and my travails. And I claim them as mine. And no man is going to rise to his feet and feign fatherhood or poetic parenthood. My words are not bastards; they are mine. And by God, with God, and through God, they were given to me.

I will not deny them as my own.