Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wormed His Way Into My Heart

Now my favorite creature - absolutely the earthworm. He toils the soil. He endlessly and thanklessly works. He doesn’t slither. He doesn't wiggle. He doesn’t inch. Yet he is in motion. And he grovels through the dirt without a loss of dignity.

And he can repair himself. He can replace himself. How cool is that? He can heal yet has no feet. And sure the caterpillar has more flair. But the worm remains. A caterpillar is all about the evolution. A caterpillar is about attainment. A caterpillar is about goals. A caterpillar becomes. Yet a worm is about fortitude. He is staid. He doesn’t evolve. A worm says contentment. A worm says satisfied. A worm says comfortable in his own skin.

A worm is.

Seriously, I love the worm.