Thursday, June 11, 2009

Word Less

“I don't want to read your blog!” Jim chuckled. He gulped his beer. Mark pushed his heart down from his throat and swallowed his pride. “I went to it a couple of times, but it’s too long!” He continued to assault Mark's ego with his endless insults. He was on a roll; as his friend, Mark's expected to roll with his punches. “Besides it’s not interesting stuff man! Why do you write that shit?”

Mark swallowed his beer and remained speechless.

“What?” Jim asked. “Are you pissed or what?”

Mark felt like a fool. He worked the word “No” past his shamed. It wasn’t a lie. He wasn’t angry; he felt hurt. In an instant he started to defend his blog. And then he remembered a fact: just because something is important to me doesn’t mean my friends share my proportion. Participation in my personal pains and spiritual struggles is a lot to ask of a friend. He silently examined his expectations. Is it? he silently asked himself.