Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Little Too Little Vanilla For Me

Vanilla is a flavor. White - as in white cake - is a color. I don't know which flavor white is supposed to be. I don't even understand why it's a crayon. I'm struggling with the white thing lately.

But vanilla = flavor.

So, I’ll address this whole white issue thing. White is a color and not a flavor in much the same way that coconut is a texture and not a taste. I don’t make the rules baby - I just stand by them and defend them against the tyranny of the ones who ask them to be a bit more than they are capable of being. Society is expecting too much from white. Back off the blank.

I’m saying as white is the absence of color, a white cake is the absence of taste. I’m thinking a white cake was the justification a woman offered while she tried to convince her man that she hadn’t forgotten an essential ingredient in her recipe. “It’s a white cake!” she cried when he asked her which flavor she baked. “White’s now a flavor?” he chew it over as he chewed her confection. “Of course it is!” she chided. And that’s how mankind was duped into the whole “white is a cake flavor” crap. I’m not buying it. A white cake isn’t vanilla. So what the hell is it? White would more aptly describe what it’s not.

Vanilla IS. White isn’t a noun kid. It’s an adjective.

And I know some will disagree.

They see white chromatically; I see it theologically.

And there we are.

Sometimes we are imprisoned by a prism. Yet if we didn’t have different views, we’d never review. And that would be a world that’s too vanilla. Just like a big assed bucket of Kemps ice cream. And here we are.