Friday, July 3, 2009

City Streets Or Country Roads

I have two cousins of the same age. One was raised in the city. One was raised in the country. The one in the city felt her counterpart was a rube. The one in the country felt her counterpart talked smack. Both had a point. But the point of this piece is which received the better upbringing? Does a childhood in a city trump a childhood in the country? Obviously both have their champions and I don’t intend to cheerlead. I was raised on a farm. I’ve spent my adulthood in the city. Now many of my friends are migrating to the suburbs. We discuss schools. We discuss culture. We discuss choices.

And here's my advice:

If you have children - here’s your choice: where do you want your daughter to be at 16? If you want her on a bus or walking to her friend’s - the city is a nice choice. Most things are in walking distance in a city. If you want her in the passenger seat of a car - the country is your choice. Everything is in driving distance in the country. I raised three boys - when they were toddlers I moved into a neighborhood with sidewalks. I wanted them to walk to school. And as teenagers - I wanted them out of cars and out peddling a bike.

Now as an adult - whether you should live in the city or country is about attitude. You can be happy wherever you are. Well because happiness is about who you are.