Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hard Rules For Soft Drinks


Coke beats Pepsi.

Mountain Dew is the best soda.

7 Up is an absence not a substance.

Okay if it’s root beer (A&W only) - I want a frosty mug and a papa burger in a basket. Then I want a pecan roll from Stuckeys.

If it’s Dr. Pepper - I want peanuts dropped into the glass bottle. I want to swig and to chew.

Crushed ice is only good in a piƱa colada on a beach.

Cubes are good in iced tea but I need a good squirt of lemon.

I like my soda in a cold bottle.

I only want a straw if it has a lid and I’m driving.

And yes, there are rules for all these things.