Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Barter System

Okay, I understand why men date women who are younger than they are themselves. Younger women still think life experiences are fun. They still see the joy in things. A lot of middle-aged people are resigned and reticent and reluctant to risk new adventures. So I get it. Younger women still think of things as new and exciting. Men think of so many things as known and as exiting. Yet men enjoy seeing old experiences through new eyes. It makes tired experiences fresh and fun again. Middle-aged women forget - men like to have fun too.

Yet too wide of a variance is inappropriate. A relationship with a great age disparity cannot be based on similar life experiences or shared social and cultural touchstones. The older one will refer to things the younger one doesn’t know and then he’ll get tired of explaining and defining all his words and references. And he’ll explain the joke or the reference until they both fall as flat as he hoped his six pack is. So - he’d better decide how much work and effort he wants to put into the relationship because both of them must be partner and yet he alone must be tutor. If he wants to do that much work? Go for it. It can be worth it. But it’s definitely exhaustive. Things that are too exhaustive cease to be fun.

Oh okay. Sure - yes, sex is the major factor in the attraction. But you can’t have sex 24/7 so you have to have something else in common. And certainly, each party is seeking personal satiation. They’re either seeking sex or cash. The older party is either looking for a sexual relationship or he/she is emotional stunted. And the younger party is either emotionally immature and is seeking perceived stability or he/she is socially ostracized from his/her contemporaries. Sure, we can pretend the younger of the two is very advanced or that the older one is sort of immature but really they don’t have anything in common with someone who is at least a decade apart from their age. Most likely? The kid is seeking cash. Let’s live in reality - when’s the last time you saw a hot babe dating the school janitor?

Relationships based strictly on physical and financial aspects are legal in Nevada. I’d like to see the statistics on the rate of their success.