Sunday, January 10, 2010

Care Less?

A pediatrician is charged with raping his patients.

Where were the parents during these examinations?

The secondary aspect of this story that disturbs me (the primary aspect is obvious) is the total lack of parenting & cognitive skills of the parents.

Who would place the responsibility of healthcare on the shoulders of a toddler?

1. A toddler doesn't understand probing, injections, touching, most verbal commands, or any sort of physical examination. A toddler can be disquieted by atmosphere and unfamiliarity. The parent should stand beside the child to offer emotional and physical security and succor. Adults feel uneasy at doctor appointments. Why hold children to a higher standard?

2. A toddler cannot be held responsible to offer a litany of symptoms, a description of habits, or provide any factual tools in the aid of diagnosis.

3. A toddler cannot be held responsible to retain or recite physician instructions. Children are distracted by anything. They loose concentration when they notice their thumbs. And frankly, requiring a nurse or medical transcriptionist to offer a complete, enter, no omission paper of instructions is asking too much. What - she should not only type the instructions with her hands, she should be required to be the ears of the parents?

And ethically - is the physician required to provide healthcare and childcare?

Oh and BTW - I'm saying the parents are partially to blame. Yep. I hold them as responsible for their child's healthcare as I hold the physician. Yet I hold them solely responsible for their child's care.