Saturday, January 9, 2010

Disorderly Conduct: Addiction

She stood on the sidewalk. Her pink laced tennis shoes toed the crevices in the cement. Once she swirled and twirled and giggled and danced. Her silly songs were strident. Her shouted shrieks were shrill. Her animated actions were angry. She was inconsiderate. She craved consideration. Her father placed pills in her mouth and swallowed the words on his lips. He chose medication over edification. Now her posture is passive. Her blink is blank. Her mumblings are muted.

He knew to say no; now she's incapable of saying no. She won't learn proportion and temperance. He's denied her the opportunity to learn modulation. He knew to say no for her. He was too put out to pull out. Instead he aborted his responsibility. He was too put out so he put up. Instead he aborted her opportunity.

Attention deficit disorder. He didn't put his priorities in proper order. She felt the deficit of his attention. He's dictated her vision will be viewed through a scrim of hazed and hushed. He should have held and shushed. Here's a consideration: he's made her an addict. He's a dick. A fucking self-centered dick.