Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taking The Wrong Kind of Initiative

Bill Clinton filmed a plea for donations to Haiti on Facebook. I watched it. And I grew so angry. I felt angry because it took him nearly 64 seconds to actually get to a subject that didn't involve him. Jesus - hubris made flesh.

I am one of Clinton's strongest allies. I voted for him twice and supported his wife for the presidency. I am willing to swing it and slap it on the table and say, "Bill Clinton was one of the greatest presidents of the 20th century and definitely the best president of the second half of the 20th century." And not because he was a great communicator. Reagan was a better communicator and we all learned at Reagan's autopsy that he was in fact not human but a creation of farina, Elmer’s Glue, crepe paper, and human spit. And I'm ballsy enough to say - and read this closely - that if it wasn't for one of the top 5 best writers of the 20th century (Peggy Noonan) puppeting her words up and through Reagan’s ass and out his lips - Reagan would have merely been a cardboard cut out selling republicanism like a papier-mâchéd Tony The Tiger selling cereal in a grocery store.

Clinton had a style that made people want to please him. That's a leader. Yet he had a way of making people want to be like him. That's a great leader. In this case - and I'm back on topic here - Clinton should have been less the politician and more the humanitarian. Why does he have a script? Jesus, after all his years before a camera doesn't he know how to speak from his heart? This is a speak from your heart moment. I'm disappointed in him. But not for the reason you may think. I'm disappointed because he has quit. He's not trying. And it's all because of "GAME CHANGE" by Halperin & Heileman. For the first time in their lives - the Clintons have no allies and have been shunned by their inner circle. They now consider themselves past their prime like egg nog on the grocer's shelf.

And it's a pity. This Haitian crisis is when Bill Clinton could do the most good and bring the most people together. He's a politician. Anyone with a head knows politicians lack sincerity. That's a given. You have to kiss too many asses to be earnest. Okay. But this video was a moment when it wasn't / can't be about politics. Why did he list his group's (Clinton Global Initiative) accomplishments? Are we even going to pretend that it's the best avenue for donations or has the best track record? No. Why mention it at all? He shouldn't have. This isn't about him. This is about the Haitians. I'm disappointed in him. I never gave a shit when he didn't keep it inside his trousers. But by God I care he's keeping his heart off his sleeve and using his hands that could be helpful busy with patting himself on his back.

Oh, and that's Mark Trost on his soapbox. Yes I do care about politics. I am extremely political. But if you only sing one song - no matter how beautiful the voice - eventually it's rote because it will become all about the repetition and the redundancy.