Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty Words For Our Private Practices

The Orbit
As I drove home from the supermarket this morning, I passed a small group of people saying a Rosary near the doors of an abortion clinic. They reminded me of worshipers standing at the entrance of an emptied tomb or migrant workers standing in front of fallow fields.

I wanted to stop the car, put my hand on their misguided shoulders, and say, "go home." I didn't.

Why? Because I'm going to allow them to exercise their God The Father given gift of free will.

I wanted to ask them what they hoped to gain by their actions. Their actions are nonsensical. The Rosary is a prayer offered to The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God.  A prayer is a song of praise. Or a prayer is a petition.

Well, were the worshipers raising their voices in praise to The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God? Because She's not at an abortion clinic. We know that because the fundamental teachings of The Roman Catholic Church instruct the faithfilled that goodness is not present in evil. So, if the worshipers want to offer praise to The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God, they should go to The Church and kneel before Her Son. The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God set the example. She stood at the base of The Cross near Her Son. She didn't go picket the practice of Crucifixion.

Okay, were the petitioners raising their supplications to The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God? What do they want Her to do? Are they asking for Her to go to God Her Father and ask Him to rescind His benevolent gift of free will? That's not going to happen. How do we know? The most famous statement attributed to The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God is all about free will. "Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me according to thy word." (Saint Luke 1:38)

So what are they doing there? What do they want?

Okay. Don't be confused. I'm pro-life. I take spiders outside on bits of Kleenex. I don't use pesticides. I don't hunt. But let there be no confusion. I am pro-choice. Because God gave everyone a free will. I've written extensively about pro-life vs. pro-choice.

An aside: I don't write with pretty words. Pretty words just disguise the truth. If you practice an ideology - don't perfume the principles. And if you commit a sin - don't justify it with verbosity. The truth isn't always pretty. Biology isn't pretty. Go look in a used condom. Is it pretty? Go look at a used tampon. Is it pretty? An abortion is an ugly biological act. We don't need pretty words for it. We don't need pretty words to justify it. Pretty words like "freedom" and "choice" and "rights" and "embryo." Embryo: it sounds like a floral scent or an exotic food dish. Nasal mucus is pure biology. But we don't smear snot on construction paper and put our toddler's picked portrait on the refrigerator. A hysterectomy is biology. But we don't mount the extracted uterus as a Show & Tell sculpture. Prostate cancer is biology. But we don't stuff the sack and pass it around the poker table like a trophy.

Every human being on this earth knows abortion is wrong. Abortion is an immediate out. I don't know what could be easier than taking a pill or putting latex on an erect penis. Okay. Sure, it's a struggle to pull latex over a limp penis. Agreed. But don't tell me birth control is hard. Everyone knows abortion isn't right.

Don't tell me the embryo isn't human. Nazi's said Jews weren't human.

You can justify anything. No one is asking anyone to justify an abortion. The government grants the right to an abortion. God The Father grants the right to make a choice.


Every Mother and Father on this earth knows that's a child. That's why the news of the pregnancy is so startling. That's why the decision to kill it is so difficult. That's why the guilt is so intense. That's why regret surrounds the senses. Everyone with a conscience knows that abortion is wrong.

Yet no one has the right to pollute the peace.

Want to say a Rosary? It's not a public event. It's a private conversation. Want to pull unwanted organs out of your body? It's not a public event. It's a private decision about your private parts. I don't want to hear private conversations on a public street.