Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11: Those Moments of Silence

Want to stop terrorism today? Stop a Father from berating his son at a little league game. Stop a Mother from ignoring her daughter. Stop a boy from taunting his brother. Stop a neighbor from gossiping as she builds fences between those she borders. Stop a student from tripping an underclassman. Stop selling your affection. Stop using sex as your weapon. Stop giggling at the signs of another's Faith. Stop shedding the truth for acceptance. Stop cloaking yourself in silence.

Most people live in terror. It's why they self-medicate. Apathy, self-centeredness, and cowardice inflame more hatred than a plane ever did. Learn from the hatred of others; stop hatred in your sphere. Or shut up and have your moments of silence.

What's the purpose of a moment of silence? Who does it serve? Wouldn't it be better to say the victims' names aloud so that their names resonate in the future? Wouldn't that help us "never to forget?" Wouldn't it be better to say the victims' names aloud so that their God can remember them too? Wouldn't it be better to raise their issue? Raise a ruckus for them? Raise a fist in their defense? What good does a moment of silence do? Well, except satiate the shying silent. Only the guilty exercise their right to remain silent.

Want to express your patriotism? Remember the etymology of the word. Patriotic: from the Greek patris: fatherland. This is the land of your Father. God The Father. Treat each human being as he was created: a child of a benevolent Father.