Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clique & Claque: America Has Come To A Tea In The Road

When I was a boy there was a toy called a clacker. It had many names yet had minimum amusement. It was two acrylic balls connected to a string. I jerked the string and caused the balls to be in motion and they’d smack into each other and make a click /clack sound. The idea was to move the balls with as much rapidity as possible. I created an arc. It was a weapon. I remember chasing my brother with it. I remember that clackers were removed from the store shelves because the acrylic balls shattered and the shards lodged into children’s eyes.

This morning I received a telephone call from my buddy. He wanted to know my reaction to the primary elections. I thought of a clacker. George W. Bush was the worst thing to happen to the United States of America in the history of the Republic. As a nation, voters recognized his limitations. In the 2008 presidential elections those citizens voted their lamentations. The force of 8 years of failed policies of the Bush Administration propelled a man with dubious credentials and socialist leanings into a position of potential power. Last night the newly disgruntled raised a fist in disgust and pulled down a voting lever and propelled candidates with fascist leanings into the proximity of power.

However, they've forgotten that Obama is not in the seat of power. He is simply a speeding sphere pushed by a gust from those disgusted by the rhetorical blusters of an aimless Bush. Obama's clout was powered by a claque. They were vocal; they were adamant. And they were correct: his impact will be the greatest impetus for change The United States will ever see. Any child who clasped a clacker knows the impact of being smacked by that sphere. And any child who tired his finger forcing those balls, knows that each seismic shift of a sphere propelled its companion with its contact. And each contact connected and pushed the ball to the extreme. Force met force and friction met friction until the balls were fractured.

As a nation we needed a centrist to stabilize the pendulum. Unfortunately this hard left forced the newly disgusted into righteous indignation and it is shattering this nation into shards. As Obama moves left - his opponents move right. The right wing extremists do not see inclusion in Obama's clique. They do not seek inclusion; they seek exclusion. And they are exclusively vindictive in the name of conservatism, nationalism, and patriotism. And those who held the purse strings and paid the clique to push Obama's claque - were so caught up in watching their perceived power, they forgot the impact of their political pacts. Victorious tears of joy blind their eyes.

Soon teaming tears will never wash out the shattered shards.

There is not a new vision for America. This is not a revision for America. This is the division of America. Look at the election map and see the echoes from the Civil War. Leftist have succeeded. They’ve created change. Watch the succession of the secession. It means the cessation

One campaign promise has already reached fruition. Obama promised the redistribution of wealth. His proponents had a wealth of disdain for those who had a different vision. And now the offended will dip from the same well of disdain and drink from the bitter teacup of incivility. The offended are becoming as offensive and equally defensive. Jesus Christ - soon their boots will be on the march. And soon we'll hear the clicking of their boots and the clacking of their guns. And they’ll claim it’s civil defense. A united state of despair - no longer a pair. A pared pair. Disparity.

And anyone who cannot see these consequences cannot claim to be enlightened. Because they have eyes that cannot see and a mind that cannot reason. They claimed they were enlightened because they saw the media illuminate the spotlighted spinning spheres. And now they’re so busy clapping at the clicking and claiming inclusion in a clique, that they don’t hear the resounding sound of dissension.

This whirled is at its end of its rope.

As a lifelong democrat I struggled with my presidential vote in 2008. For the first time in my history - I voted republican. Yep. I cast my ballot for McCain. At the time I said I voted for him because he was a centrist and because I feared the backlash from the extremists in the rightwing of the republican party. I didn't fear the actions of Obama; I trembled at the reactions to Obama.

I'm so sorry to see I was right.

See the problem with the tea party is that people have forgotten a chief characteristic of tea - the longer it seeps the darker it becomes.