Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting In The Swing Of Things

Nothing like winning $10,000,000 to remind the world one can have an idiosyncratic process and still succeed.

Oh this is Jim Furyk. Youtube him and watch his swing.

Here's why Furyk resonates with me: I can't really get an agent or publisher to even read my novel. And people tell me it doesn't fit the mold. Well Furyk has a swing that is so idiosyncratic it's stunning that it works.

But by God it works.

Yesterday I was angry & worried about three cyber stalkers/cyber bullies named GabbyAbby, Susan Creamer Joy, & Richard Brown (Cranky Cuss) on Open Salon.com (well, pseudonyms / avatars - what’s the surprise?) who have spent their abundant free time bullying me and my friend. I had discussed their actions (and my conversations about them with the police) with friends of mine. I received an email from one of my friends. He's a writer of such stunning ability and he's written a novel that is truly one of the greatest achievements I've ever read. It’s exquisitely remarkable. And he can’t get an agent or a publisher to read him either. So we support and encourage each other. I told him the cyber stalking/cyber bullying thing and he wrote me: “Your writing's going to do that to people though Mark, comes with the territory... particularly with the work you do. Once you let people read you, you let them in the door... only problem is, that door could probably do with some security staff or at least invitations for entry.”

It cheered me. It reminded me of the passion and power of my prose. And Furyk’s Fed Ex Cup win reminded me that one doesn’t need to follow the mold to succeed.

So here’s to Furyk!