Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feedback: Gnawing At One's Pride

I used to court feedback. I sought it from fellow writers. I queried a vast array of authors to obtain wide-reaching reactions. Here's what I've discovered:

Feedback is only helpful when it gauges clarity. It's helpful to hear what someone thought you meant when you wrote your thoughts. Writing cannot be taught; grammar can be taught. Yet grammar is only useful to attain clarity.
If you write well - a fellow writer will rewrite you. Jealousy will be his impetus. He will use your trust to fuel his insecurity.

If you write poorly - a fellow writer will placate you. He will don the mask of magnanimity. He will use your gratitude to fuel his vanity.
If you write proficiently yet without polish - a fellow writer will embrace you. There is surety in the middle of the middling.

Feedback: feed back. Who's being fed? Who's eating? Who's providing the backside for the feast?
You typed with two hands. Remove them from the keyboard and use them to cover your ears. Have trust in your gift. And give back to the One who gifted you. Feed on your faith. Write right.