Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lips Service

She rose from her knees; he zipped his trousers.

"Wow! You don't waste any time. Do you?" Mark exhaled and wiped the sweat that bathed the back of his collar.

"I've had a stressful day. I don't intend to spend the evening with a man who's keyed up." She took a Kleenex from her pocket and wiped her lips.

"Okay. I'm not complaining. But, it's only our second date."

She took the tube from her purse. "Sex is a biological act. Don't make it more than it is." She rimmed her mouth with red.

"Well, it can be more too. You must know that." He put his hands into his pockets and straightened his package.

"Of course I know that." She turned and walked toward the restaurant. Mark clicked his key bob. His car lights flashed; the horn beeped; he turned and followed her out of the lot.