Sunday, November 21, 2010


Mark pushed the cart and stopped near the birdseed. She trollied up to his side. “Hi Mark!” Her voice was filled with cheer.
“Hey!” He stood straight and hoisted the sack of seeds into his cart. “Why do they call it birdseed with I’m buying more than one seed? It’s a sack of seeds.”

Mallory laughed. “Only you!”
“Hey where have you guys been? Tell your husband I’m breaking up with him.” He laughed at the silliness of his sentence. “He doesn’t answer my texts!”

Her smile slid off her face and her voice was confessional, “Luke’s not allowed to be friends with you.”

“Oh come on Mark! You’re too wild! I don’t want him hanging around with you!”
“You’re kidding. Right?” His fists tightened on the basket handle. His palm sweat eased his friction on the steel.

“You’re a player!” Mallory shook her head from side to side. “He’s got no business going out with you.”
“Jesus!” He stared down the aisle and measured his words. “If you feel that I’m so morally repugnant you don’t want your husband to hang with me in case I introduce him to women so he can cheat on you …”

She interrupted, “No. But he doesn’t need to go to bars with you.”
“Okay, I’ve got nothing else to say here. I’m sort of out of women. I need to go find some so I can introduce them to all the neighborhood men.”

“You can be mad but I don’t want my husband to be friends with a single man.”
“Whatever.” He pushed his cart past her.“Happy Thanksgiving Mark!” She said behind his back.

“Yep.” He said as he turned at the endcap.