Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Setup


"Good morning to you too!" A smile spread over Mark's face. He stood up to shake Brian's hand.

"Hey! I'm racing here! Just tell me how it went."

They shared a shake. "She'll get a second." He sat and shifted his shoes and placed them on the stool rung.

"Yeah? Good! I knew she was perfect for you!"

"Well, perfect? I dunno. She's young bro. Really young. Twenty-six is young."

"You're welcome!" Brian started to laugh. "You get any?" Brian's surgical shoes didn't force him to tiptoe through the subject.

"Christ bro! What is this? A locker room?" Mark laughed.

"She is hot dude! You so owe me!"

"I'll take her out again. It was good. She's smart. Kind of quiet though."

"Everyone's quiet with you dude! You never shut up!" Brian chuckled; his pager chirped. "I've gotta go!"

"Jesus! I can't believe people let you cut them!"

"Best there is asshole!" Brian saw the elevator doors open and raced toward them. "Beer me next week!"

An elderly woman approached from his side and Mark stood and directed her toward the senior clinic.