Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wrapped Up In Himself

He unwrapped himself from her arms; his chest brushed her breasts as he leaned over to grab the condom from inside his night table. He ripped the foil with his teeth.

"Get off me!"

He slid to his side on his bed. "What?"

"You're using a condom?"

"Yeah." He left his explanation inside his head.

"Do you know how insulting that is to me?" She gathered his sheet around her waist and slid her feet to his floor. She stood up and gathered the sheet up to her shoulders.

He lifted his head and shoulders and sat upright. "Jesus! What the hell is the matter with you?"

"We've been together nearly a year and you're using a condom with me?" She picked up her purse and pulled her pack from its pouch. "So tell me Mark, why've you decided to kill this relationship?"

"Slow it down baby." He leaned his head back to his headboard. "Why are you so pissed?"

She pulled the lit cigarette from her lips. "Well, you tell me how it's not insulting." She took another puff. "Okay, I'm on the pill. So either you've cheated and don't want to give me anything," she exhaled; her voice raised in pitch as she raised each question, "Or you think I've cheated and you don't want to get anything. Or you think I'll trap you with a baby and don't trust me. Choose your explanation Mark. Come on! Which is it? Because I don't see any other explanation. So what Mark? Huh? Because I trust you! Are you saying I shouldn't? Is that what this is?"

He wiped the sweat from his face with his palms. "You can trust me. You know that."

She butted her cigarette into the ashtray, pulled her robe around herself, walked into the bathroom, and shut the door.