Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Rejection Letter

Oh for the love of the good Christ, cut out all the justifications.

I know bad teachers; I still believe in education.

I know bad lawyers; I still believe in justice.

I know bad policemen; I still believe in the law.

I know bad politicians; I still believe in The Constitution.

I know bad doctors; I still believe in medicine.

I know bad people; I still believe in humanity.

I know bad priests; I still believe in God.

Roman Catholicism is not a democracy. The United States isn't even a democracy; it's a republic. The Roman Catholic Church is a monarchy. Christ is the king. A communicant receives one vote; he casts it when he mounts the steps to the Altar and offers his cheek to The Church. The Church confirms his choice; his choice is sealed in the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation.

I know people who vow and then take back their word: I still believe in marriage. I know people who vow and then take back their word: I still believe in priesthood. I know people who lie; I still believe in the Truth. A vow is a vow. A promise is a promise. An oath is an oath. A sin is a sin: sacrilege, mortal, venial. A Creed is a Creed.

Veracity is in the ideology - not in the adherence. You want to abandon the Faith? Leave it. That's your choice. But don't blame your reaction on someone's action. Everyone makes bad choices; but I still believe in us. Or is it time for me to abandon you?