Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Purpose And My Intent

A colleague asked me to describe my blog. I've considered his question. Blogging seems so trite and so self-centered. Yet I don't feel my work is trivial or banal or onanistic. I consider my work as a spiritual exercise.

So. My response:

I write relationships from a male point of view. Sometimes my posts are commentary; sometimes they are didactic; sometimes they are poetry; sometimes they are narratives.

I combine Canon Law, Divine Revelation, and Catholic Tradition and I place them into our contemporary context. I focus on the travels and the travails of my immortal soul. The exposition of my evolution is meant to enlighten for those in need, enliven for those who want, and expose for those who are interested.

I don't shy away from shame and sneak into shadows. I began these reflections and confessions in February 2007. They are complete, entire, and without intentional omission.

My buddy once read my blog and said, "You write balls out."

Yeah, that's my reply.