Thursday, December 30, 2010


People consistently surprise me.

Lately I've been playing Scrabble on Facebook. I'm currently engaged in numerous games with a variety of people.

I usually don't play Scrabble. Well, I'm a wordsmith. Anyone who reads me knows that. It seems unjust to compete. I've studied 7 languages. I have a masterful command of the English language. I rarely encounter a word I don't recognize, or I can't discern the definition, or I'm unable to delineate the etymology. Well, unless it's medical terms, legalese, or jargon from fantasy novels. So when I was invited into a few matches, I balked. But then I took the compliment that people wanted to share the fun of friendship.

A few people are beating me by tremendous margins. They're playing words I don't recognize and can't discern to any degree. That I encounter people who are smarter than I am doesn't surprise me. That someone can consistently slap out 7 letter words tends to make me concentrate on 4 lettered ones.

A friend told me about a website It's a Scrabble word finder. Apparently a player enters letters and the site provides all the variations.


No. Really?

Where's the joy of winning? I am extremely untalented at all athletics. I lose every athletic contest. Every. One. The fun is in the camaraderie. I don't care if I lose. I care if someone gloats on the win. Where's the joy?

Cheating on an online game.
The victory means nothing.
For the love of the good Christ - can't you see the loss?

I know this reads like I'm a poor loser.
I am a poor loser.
I don't like losing respect for people.
I don't like losing faith in my fellow man.
I don't like losing friends.

But I've lost friends before.
And I know all those words by heart.
I guess it's time I spell them out.