Saturday, December 4, 2010

Take My Word For It

I read a writer who asserted that mankind is blind to the impact of his words.

Her piece: "Words We Live By." *

Here was my response:

I must begin with an admission: I love how you write. You’re one of my favorite writers. Dead firm. And with that respect, I must also admit that I disagree with your words here.

You’re dead wrong.

We (I hate this pronoun) are not blind. Mankind knows the impact of his words. And he makes an unspoken pact not to unjustly use words against his brethren. He makes an unspoken pact not to pack so much punch into every word that his words become weapons. He makes an unspoken pact not to slather each word with shame-filled shams and shadow truth for self-satiating seduction.

Our words are made flesh.

Our frustrations take flesh with fists.
Our sadness takes flesh with tears.
Our happiness takes flesh with laughter.
Our love takes flesh with a fondle, a caress, or a smile.
And we embody each emotion and encase them into words we emote in hopes of an echoed.

The words are made flesh and God looks down and sees the goods.

Human beings are driven by an innate desire to express and to impress. A human being wants to be two. He wants to be all one and not alone. And that’s why he chooses dialogue instead of monologue and why he has ears and tongues and why he tells the beatens of his heart. Humanity is gifted with two ears. One on each side to hear both sides. A human being is like a toddler who tugs at humanity’s apron while urging, “Look mama! Look!“ We acquire the words to describe it. I believe writers are put in key moments to mark those moments. Painters mark with a palate. Composers create the sounds that track our emotional shifts. Writers have the opportunity to right with their words. And a reader or a listener encounters each word, feels each emotion, and accepts or rejects his reaction.

Your words impact me. That’s why I read you. And that’s why I’ve taken the time to offer my view. And that’s why I’ve reviewed your view. Do I think human beings are blind? No. But I think they lack the understanding of the depth of degrees. A man knows his words have impact. He just doesn’t know how powerful his prose can punch.

*The website where she posted her piece is now defunct.