Friday, December 10, 2010

Vick's Rub

I live in Minnesota. There is nothing more popular than football in Minnesota. Yes, hockey is more prized but football garners the majority of the nonparticipatory observations. Each wintry weekend most Minnesotans pause and potato on Sunday sofas or they barstool with their buddies while they fist bottles and blurt cheers with beer blathered breaths.

It's been touted that the Minnesota Vikings trump sex. Perhaps that's true. If that is true, then the most popular topic on the icy tempered tongues would be Brett Favre and his sexted shortcomings.

But the Purple Jerseyed's junk is not the hottest topic.

The most popular point of contention is the revivification of Michael Vick. It is undeniable that Vick is at the top of his game. This season he is playing on a legendary pace. The press is pressed to vilify Vick yet exploit his feats.

And so I sit and listen to people pontificate their platforms. Animal rights activists bleat hostility. Sports enthusiasts acclaim his accomplishments. Vick's fans create fantasies of Hall of Fame inclusions.

Frankly the hypocrisy of all the opinions offends me.

I don't understand a society that doles out second chances with a vacillation that mirrors cafeteria Catholic's acceptance of the doctrine of Purgatory.


Was Vick's actions morally reprehensible? Yes. He went to prison. He was punished. So when does the punishment stop? Really. When does society deem a sin has been forgiven? When does society rescind the shun? I worry about a sliding scale of justice that deems a sentence without a punctuated period.

Look, I think Vick's actions were despicable. He participated in the torture of God's creatures.

A sizeable number of citizens in our society feel women who have abortions participate in the torture of God's creatures. So. Do we shun them? Should pro-life proponents picket and punish?

Oh, my analogy seems extreme? That's my point. It's time to embrace moderation.

Who decides the degree of infraction? Who decides the extent of societal expulsion? Who decides the period of punishment?

There is a difference between pardon and parole.

Michael Vick didn't "get away" with anything. He went to prison where they locked him behind bars so he couldn't "get away."

This isn't about animals. Vick's prison sentence was about animals. This is about proportion.

As citizens we've voted (through proxy) to hold bound and to let loose. Through our legal system Michael Vick was held bound and now he's been let loose.

Have the citizens of the United States decided that ex-convicts can no longer be employed?

Vick is performing at the top of his profession. He's playing the sport that he's paid to play at the peak of anyone's ability. Let God decide the degree of punishment justly due to each infraction. Vick's paid society's price. Let him move on.