Monday, December 27, 2010

Window Pain

I posted this video on my Facebook page tonight. A friend of mine asked me why I chose to post it. I considered her question. I'll tell you why.

I love women.

I love sex with women.

Sex is my drug of choice.

I love romance.

I like romancing a woman. I love pillow talk. I love the softness of women. I love that women have a different perspective than men.

I want to share my soul with a woman. But, I don't want to be platonic friends with women. I've written my reasons for my choice before. I have a variety of male friends. I don't need friends with a wider perspective.

I have two close women friends. Two. They know who they are. I would discuss my innermost contemplations with them. I respect their opinion. I respect their perspective; it differs from mine. It differs from men's perspective.

Anyone who claims men and women are equal is so limited I won't debate the issue. Men and women are not equal; they're parallel. I've written this before.

Aural art is almost exclusively expressed from a feminine point of view. I love music because I like an effusive expression of emotions. Rock & Roll (how antiquated is that phrase?) used to be from a male perspective. But, it's not anymore. With the glamorization of heavy metal (hair bands) musicians courted a female audience. But rock music must be about sex and violence. So the pussification alienated men and the affectation excluded women who demand authenticity in emotional exposition. Rap courts a black audience. Pop music courts adolescent angst. So that leaves country for most white middle-aged men. But I have all my teeth. And with Taylor Swift taking over those airwaves ... teenage angst with a twang.

The quintessential lyricist of the male point of view is Hank Williams. I've written that before too.

I love Love The Way You Lie because it's from a male point of view. I don't agree with all the lyrics. I can't identity with the violence but I can identify with the frustration. I can hear my fears in Eminem's words. I can identify with the contentious relationship. And I can hear a woman's voice in Rihanna's lyrics. That she's lived the lyrics shades the sounds with a sadness and a truth. The lyrics are an extreme expression of a relationship. And the vocal musical interlude is melodic. I like it.

Anyone who reads my words knows this blog is entirely from a male point of view. Women either love my style or unjustly label me misogynistic. I've heard from many men they don't like to read it because it cuts too close to their bone. And I've heard from many women that I have a rare ear for the words of a woman and I write women with surreal authenticity.

I like this tune because it's raw and real and unapologetically screamed through the clenched-teeth mouth of a man. I love Eminem put his balls on the line for his art; I see myself in his action.