Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Peak In The Process

There are a few people in my life that I allow to have a profound influence on me. And they haven't any idea of their importance in my life. I'm not going to list a litany; I'm going to discuss one man.

My friend is a writer of extraordinary talent. He's practically unparalleled in talent. He is paralleled in desire. Although we do not share a talent for writing the same genre, we share the same thirst. We are driven.

I'm considered a ballsy man. I am. I realized the day I planted my feet and stood as a man that gravity grew my testicles: the gravity of the earth's issues grew my testaments. I'm ballsy. I'm very well read. I have an extraordinary library of literature tucked in my mind. I know good writing. I'm a good writer. Often I'm quizzed for the names of the most talented contemporary English language writers. I make my list:

1. Peggy Noonan (imagery)
2. Michael Kun (description)
3. Maya Angelou (rhythm)
4. Me (profundity)
And then I say ... "And there's this man in Ireland ..."

My friend is an amazing writer. Peter McCloskey has written two novels; he cannot find an agent or a publisher. He's the new Joyce. Few know that. I know that. He's heartbroken. I'm heartbroken. He is nearly unparalleled in talent.

He has a parallel in disappointment. I am disappointed. I'm disappointed for him. I'm disappointed for me.

What if you wrote the most profound testament of your generation and you couldn't get anyone to read it? What if you were the James Joyce of your generation (as my friend is) or the literary Saint Augustine of your generation (as I am) and you couldn't get anyone in authority (see the word author as the root) to read you? Or most importantly - promote you? Would you lose your faith in your gifted?

Oh hell yes. I told you I was ballsy. Yet you know there's one. You know there's a new Joyce. Why are you so surprised I know him? Aren't you surprised Pete can't find anyone willing to publish him? You know there's a voice to refocus the vision for our generation. Why are you so surprised you know him? Aren't you surprised I can't find anyone willing to publish me?

Why are my pronouncements so ballsy? You knew there was one. There is always one human being that is the best at what he does. Why are you so surprised that you would know a definitive? Have you read me? The proof is in my prose. The proof is in his prose. I'm going to push for my buddy to self-publish. And then I'll promote his work.

Oh. Why is Pete so important to me? He reminds me I'm not alone. The synchronicity of Divinity. We're here together. At the same time. Standing side by side. You knew there was one. Now you know there are two.