Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I just want to write a little. This will have no form. It's just going to flow.

I want to tell you about my day.

Today I talked to my medical insurance company representative. My hospitalization in October isn't covered. I'm fucked.

I talked to my best friend Mike today. He's got the flu. We still laughed.

I met my friend for happy hour at Billy's On Grand. I've known my friend Terry since I was 13 years old. We try to meet about once a week. I looked over the bar and saw my friend Larry. I've written about Larry. I love Larry. Larry and I caught up. Terry and I went over to the Wild Onion. I took this picture at the Wild Onion with my new cellphone. Obviously I haven't perfected my technique. I talked to the bartender. His name is Luke. I like Luke. Luke's a good guy. I talked with Terry about classic films. I told him I have an encyclopedic knowledge of old films. Terry doubted me; he tested me. We should have bet Manhattans; I'd be loaded.

I called Mike. He still has the flu.

I received a text from my friend Joe. Joe is my neighbor. Joe is so cool. I tremendously like him.

I drove home and saw my friend shoveling his sidewalk. Gary is among my closest friends. I consider him a brother. We talked. Gary reminds me that I'm not alone. I miss Gary when I don't talk to him.

I received a text from my best friend. I laughed out loud. Mike still has the flu.

I received a text from Joe telling me the beer fairy left me a gift on my porch: a pristine 6 pack of Summit sat in the snow. Joe is so cool. I tremendously like him.

I sat down and wrote this post.

If I don't see the gifts God has placed in my path - I'm fucked.

I am not fucked.

I have hope.

I have friends.

I love my life.