Friday, January 7, 2011

Fish Gotta Swim; Birds Gotta Fly

You know sometimes the lack of wisdom in the world frightens me. I find myself sitting at my dining room table. I cradle my head in my hands and I pray for enlightenment on earth.

The birds are falling from the sky. It's so easily explainable. How many airplanes populate the sky? How many trips have gone into space? How many fireworks have exploded in the dusk? How many bombs have detonated above each continent? And people wonder why the birds fall to their deaths.

Oh too simplistic?

Let's do a scientific experiment. I want you to walk into you garage and I want you to close the door. Start your car engine. Now stand there and see how long you can breathe without a high percentage of oxygen. Think how small the lungs are on a blackbird. Now populate each air pocket in each tissue with a polluted puff. Black lungs / blackbirds. Sit down; do the math.

The fish are washing up on shore. How many chemicals do you water on your lawn? How many cans of Drano did you wash down your pipes? How many clogs did you clear with Liquid Plumber? Did you consider leaving the water clear for the fish to swim and the birds to taste? Acid rain runoff? Fish can't run off. Apparently they no longer swim away.

Too simplistic?

Let's do a scientific experiment. I want you to gather up all your neighbors and I want you to invite them to drink a cup full of Liquid plumber. Then I want each of you to urinate into a fishtank. How long before the fish belly up?

Now let's factor in the BP oil spill.

I lack proportion? It's all about proportion. How many inhabitants of earth pollute it? How many cans of hairspray sprinkle in the air each day? How many fishing boats motor and spill into each lake each year?

For the love of the good Christ mankind has consumed the earth. They didn't even leave a breath for a bird or a clear wet for a fish.

God forgive us.