Friday, May 4, 2012

Back It Up

I read It's an online magazine. Every year it has a survey, “The Great Male Survey.” I answer the questions. This year I found one result fascinating.

Question 1: Of the four choices listed below, which is the most important personality trait for deciding if a woman is "relationship material"?

            A sense of loyalty. 34%
            A sense of humor. 25%
            A sense of caring/nurturing. 23%
            Intelligence. 19%

Loyalty. There's a difference between having his back and talking behind his back. Is the sisterhood powerful? Yes. It can be deadly. Cocktail clatter kills relationships.

Men rarely discuss their women with other men. Why would they? It makes them justify their tastes. Think I'm wrong? Why is it that women who can't retain men always have opinions on the male point of view in relationships? If they had insight, wouldn't it assist them in their relationships?