Sunday, April 17, 2016

Downed The Drained

If you've cleaned a toilet, you know there’s a lip around the rim.

If you’ve been in a relationship with an addict, you know that staying centered in the whirl is emotionally draining. If you've cared for an addict you know it’s so very easy to get sucked back into that volatile swirl. It’s all so revolting; your emotions revolve: you love. You absolve. You ignore. You avoid. You forgive. You can’t forget. The conclusion is forgone. You’re sucked in.


You remember the lip. You pull yourself out. You shut the lid. You wash your hands of it. You walk away.


The addict is gone and you’re emotionally flushed with grief and guilt and regret and remorse.

Because: you loved. You absolved. You ignored. You avoided. You forgave. You can’t forget.

They say we enable addictions. If that’s so – why can’t we disable the addictions?

Family and friends filled with grief and guilt and regret and remorse. It’s all such a waste.