Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Each day I bike in the morning for exercise; I ride the trails and paths. Each day I bike in the evening for entertainment; I ride the blocks and neighborhoods.

This morning while I biked I saw a man. He walked on the side. He wore Cream of Campbell Soup colored trousers, a golf shirt, and a sailor’s hat. I scoffed at his cap. It seemed affected & contrived. And then I felt embarrassed of my conduct. I've become snarky and sarcastic. I shed those sins years ago. And now I've once again clothed myself inside a costume of caustic superiority.

Sweet Jesus, I don’t want to live in a world that judges and belittles a man as inferior because of his cap. Our society deems the sarcastic, the cynical, and the caustic as intellectually superior. Bullshit. Sarcasm and cynicism are the tools for the embittered to ascend in a societal pecking order. So – does that make the sarcastic peckers? Yes, absolutely. I know. This morning I was a dick.