Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Likeness & Image

I posted a game on Facebook. I asked people to post a picture that best describes them.

Here's the picture that best describes my life.
  1. I like suits. I have suits. I just don't wear them anymore. I am a suit kind of guy. I am more a manhattan than a beer. My neighborhood bar serves beer.
  1. I always have my hands in my pockets. Often it's to prevent me from hitting someone. And often it's because I'm in a great deal of pain and I clinch my fists in the hope I won't scream or cry. Mostly it's because I carry my rosary in my pocket and I often pray it while I walk.
  1. I'm always waiting. Always. My life is about waiting. And hope.
  1. I'm a very social person. I laughed because I took 15 different people into my favorite bar in the last 3 weeks. Yet everyone always tells me I'm "unique." Unique is a sad and lonely word. There's no two in unique. I'm never lonely; I'm always alone. I'm often sad. My life is often about loss.
  1. I have the ability to walk away. I can walk away. I can forget.
  1. I live on the edge. I live at the peak. I live with my soul exposed. I live unzipped.
  1. It's faceless. I'm cloaked in anonymity. Not by my choice. I'm either read by those who don't know me or I'm surrounded by those who don't understand me. I'm "unique." I am unlike. I have no features that are alike.
  1. It's the cover of my novel. I've put 4 years into my novel. It is the summation of my career.
I bought this picture for the cover of my novel because it is my life.