Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Capital Crime

My cardiologist told me I've maxed out my meds.

My electrophysiologist said the 4th ablation wasn't successful and there wasn't any point in trying another procedure.

My foot has an ulcer that’s bled each and every day since September 18, 2016.

The therapist at my cardiac rehab said I need to get a little more realistic about the possibilities of bicycling.

Today I’ve realized that I've murdered my body with the weapons I've chosen among the sins most capitalized:
  • luxuria / Lust.
  • gula / Gluttony.
  • avaritia / Greed.
  • acedia / Sloth.
  • ira / Wrath.
  • invidia / Envy.
  • superbia / Pride.
My chosens have murdered my hopes for a then.