Sunday, March 25, 2018


It’s writing your passwords so others can use the machines and access the accounts.

It’s listing the litany of: "in case of" - "in the event of" - "and so when it happens."

It’s throwing away the artifacts of your thens: souvenirs of the where, t-shirts of the what, trophies of the win, and letters from the was.

It’s donating the old clothes that don’t fit you and discarding the old caps you don’t wear.

It’s sitting beside your friends, loving them until the ache, and disguising your heartbreak for the loss of "we were going to."

It's anticipating the "will they ever knows."

It’s living the at leasts.

It’s lamenting the will nevers.

It’s mourning the didn’ts.

It's fearing the finite.

It’s hoping for remembered.

It’s waiting for the went.