Wednesday, March 14, 2018


So, I’ll explain it. I’ll put it into words.

When you’re bullied – you learn to live inside your head. You can’t express your emotions. Well, because the emotions you feel are the two most difficult emotions to describe: hurt and shame. 

You feel hurt because you can’t fathom the degree of the hate the bully feels towards you. It’s so out of proportion so it’s so outside your reasoning. 

And you feel shame because the aspect of your character the bully exploits is your most vulnerable trait; you feel ashamed of that trait. 

You live in your head because you don’t know the descriptive words; you’ve never heard them. You have no one to return your cries. You feel ostracized – outside. And because you have no echo – you can’t share your sorrow or your shame. Soon you become consumed with calculating actions and reactions. You cease to emote because you don't want to provide the spark.

Yet emotions are called feelings for a reason. You feel your emotions. Feelings don’t require words. Feelings are internal. Feelings are safed inside your scarred skin. So you live in your head.

Art is describing the skins and the scars and the shamed and the shared.