Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Men & Sports

People frequently ask me why I write about relationships as often as I do. I'll offer this explanation:

I write about people because I observe all aspects of my environment and I learn from all interactions. And contrary to human hopes, beings are not unique.

One night I sat alongside a buddy in a bar. We were beering and I mentioned a couple across the bar from us. He said something like, "I don't want to talk about this relationshipy shit."

And for a moment I felt ashamed. I felt less a man. Well, because men don't usually discuss the strangers in their periphery. I glanced up from my beer and checked the score on a football game.

I understand the reason men enjoy watching sports. Athletic events are a soap opera. Men know the cast of characters. Men know the potential plot points. Men know the backstory. Men library all the facts to become emotionally engaged. And as an aside: I don’t understand a sports bar. A sports bar? Really? All a bar needs is beer, a urinal, and tits. I can stay home and not hear the TV.

I rarely participated in athletics. I found the repetition tedious. The only physical activities I want to regularly repeat (except all the necessary biological verbs) are sex and smoking. Outside those two, I dislike repetition. I do enjoy watching a hometown team or a school sponsored game because I know the cast of characters and I know the potential plot points and I know the backstory. So I’m emotionally engaged.

I observe relationships because they are athletic events; it's all about biology and competition. They often include delightful and intriguing dialogue. And I learn from the observation. I learn because I know the cast of characters; human beings are genetically unique yet behaviorally analogous. I learn because I know the potential plot points. I learn because I know my backstory. I often observe an echo.

I write a cast of characters. I write all the potential plot points. I write a backstory. I write so that others emotionally engage. I write about us.