Sunday, March 18, 2018

Picture It

So this is my morning:
I got up. Gave my ass a scratch.  Lamented that I quit smoking.  And pushed the button to turn my desktop on.  But there was no whirl.  It didn't turn on.  I've had it 5 years so it's been a good warhorse.

I just like Windows for writing/editing.  And I do have Microsoft Word installed on my Mac laptop.  But ... I like the ease of Windows.
I hadn't thrown my updated work into iCloud last night.  So when the desktop wouldn't start, I sort of panicked.

Honest to God - I prayed for it to start one last time so I could cloud everything.  It wouldn't.  I walked downstairs and bitched and poured myself a bowl of Cap'n Crunch with berries.  About 20 minutes later I walked back upstairs and pushed the button and it fired up!
So - I'm backing up every ... single ... thing ... on it.  And while I'm waiting, I'm reformatting this blog.

And I've thought about it.  I'm disinterested in pictures on non-fiction work.  I'm not a model.  I'm not a photographer. My work is true.  Why portray it as fiction?  Now of course I've changed the names in the dialogues. This is my life - not my associates secrets.  So no pictures unless the non-fiction picture is necessary.
Yeah, I know.  It looks rather boring.  And I've thought about it. I was interested in a woman last fall.  Yeah, we have nothing in common.  Hell, every time I talked she corrected me.  New spin on opinionated.  Anyway, after she saw my play I asked her opinion.  And she said, "well, nothing happened.  There's no action.  It's just words."

But I'm a writer.  I am just words.